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God sits with me in the dark and lets me lean my head against His chest, and He just holds me. quietly. and He lets me cry out the pain, talk about all the things that make my heart hurt, whisper all the confused questions that my head won’t stop forming. He is a patient Father, holding me steady, quietly reassuring me; easing my burdens; refuting every doubt I have. He’s got a plan, He’s got a plan. His sovereignty is over everything, He says, and He is seated on His throne still. every single detail of my life is held by the One whose heart is for me. 

it melts me–His fiery gaze and His presence when He walks in the room. i could feel His eyes upon me, filled with care, with love, with fire. and the pain eases, the burdens disappear, the questions melt away. the room begins to get a little lighter. 

His love is patient. His love is patient. His love is patient.

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