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August 06 2017

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feeling when entering a store


walmart- paranoia

7/11- certainty

target- home

super target- your estranged aunt’s home

macy’s- smugness

Home Depot- loss

whole foods- the kale feeling

CVS- the all knowing eye of God

dunkin donuts- a lady yelling at me in a brooklyn accent

walgreens- grandpa’s firm hand shake

costco- endurance


back in freshman year of high school we had this teacher who was really fucking annoying and HATED cell phones with a fucking passion. at the beginning of the school year he had us sign this goddamned “contract” that we wouldn’t have it in class or he would confiscate it.

so this annoying douchebag kid was on his phone and the teacher went “you have to give it to me now you signed the contract” and the kid didn’t even look up and said “contracts signed by a minor are not legally binding” and continued to text. and i hated that kid but…..dare i say iconic

anyway he got detention for it but i just found out he got into law school this year

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long hair or short hair? mangoes or peaches? barefaced or makeup? hershey’s milk chocolate or cookies n’ cream? rice or ramen?

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@ miller harris london (2017) 

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Being raised in an unstable household makes you understand that the world doesn’t exist to accommodate you, which… is something a lot of people struggle to understand well into their adulthood. It makes you realize how quickly a situation can shift, how danger really is everywhere. But crises when they occur, do not catch you off guard; you have never believed you lived under a shelter of some essential benevolence. And an unstable childhood makes you appreciate calmness and not crave excitement.
— Curtis Sittenfeld (via onlinecounsellingcollege)


*talks to boy once* ok theres no reason to tell my friends and get them all excited it was just a conversation

five minutes later:



we’re told that guys want natural girls, so we don’t wear makeup, we don’t touch our hair with heat, we don’t twist our faces in pain while we pull hair from our faces, but then we’re told to shave and pluck and wax and tweeze and cover up that acne and at least put in a LITTLE effort. we’re told that guys don’t want a slut, so we wear leggings even in the summer, if we wear a skirt we find ourselves constantly tugging it down, we’re afraid to wear shirts that cling to our bodies, but then we’re told that we’ll never find a boyfriend if we’re a prude and we should wear shorts sometimes and tank tops are fine as long as you don’t have cleavage and we should ‘tease’ them a bit with a sundress. we’re told that we can’t be interested in ‘boy’ things, so we force our child selves to be interested in dolls, exclusively stay in the kitchen during playtime as kids, squeal at the sight of worms, buy our clothes in pink, but then we’re told that femininity is weak and we shouldn’t display our interests in makeup or fashion or cooking and try to be ‘one of the guys’ sometimes. we’re told that we are weak, incompetent, less smart , not strong, and too emotional to think straight, our bodies are treated like possessions and our brains like raisins.

i am a girl and i’m tired.

please let little girls join football teams without it being weird, please teach them about bugs and science and math, please tell your little boys that girls are strong and capable and smart people just like them. and please tell your little girls that it’s okay for boys to cry and be sad and have strong emotions and like the color pink, please let your boys know that it’s okay if they want to do ballet instead of football and they don’t need to hide their hurt to survive in this world. please let girls wear makeup to their hearts content, please let them wear dresses every single day for themselves if they want to without them being treated like objects. please tell your boys and girls that it is never the victims fault. please preach to them that mascara doesn’t glue your eyes shut so you can’t read a word of literature. make sure they know that high heels and flats can also be alternated with cleats and running shoes. show them the great women who have accomplished things in science and math, take them to see a ballet with male dancers. teach them love. teach them acceptance. please tell them that appearance and gender and race do not determine competence or ability or talent. please put the world in their hands and show them everything and say, ‘here, take this. you are the future and you have the ability to make this world a better place.’


did tumblr humor distort anyone elses sense of reality ? every fucking meme on here is drenched in 5 layers of irony and my brain cant differentiate jokes from anything. i went to craigslist saw a photo of a couch and just fucking lost it


reblog if you support boys expressing soft emotions


thinkin about college is weird. thinkin about being an adult is weird. are u sure im not 12? im pretty sure im still 12

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Bee’s Eye View by Nathaniel Merz


not to start anything but people just drink milk? for fun? why




perfect couple: one person has cold hands, the other has warm hands. together, they maintain the ideal temperature for hand holding

relationship goals: thermodynamic equilibrium

[walks up to a couple] so which of you is the source and which is the sink?




stop telling people who have abusive parents to “just leave” after they turn 18!!!!!!! it’s not that fucking simple!!!!!!!!!

i’ve been an adult for two years now and i STILL live in this hell hole. you know why? CONTROL. you can’t just walk out of the house and never look back like they do on tv. it doesn’t work that way. you take documents with you (that, if your parents are anything like mine, are locked up tight in a safe), you have to have enough money and a stable job and a place to go (which most victims are unable to get jobs due to mental/physical health or parent control), you have to move all your things out of their name (phone, car, etc). the list goes on. don’t you dare tell an adult victim that they’re just “not helping themselves”. i’m tired of hearing it.

adult victims of abusive parents: your abuse is still valid and i promise you there are those of us who understand and care.

(and before you try and pull the “here’s some suggestions” shit, my doctor has already met with a social worker with me. i’m stuck here for the time being. thanks for your concern but fuck off.)

It’s almost like walking out at 18 is a privilege reserved for those with loving supportive parents that enable them to leave 

I moved out when I was 17.

Here’s what you do:
- line up friends, shelters etc who can host you and will cover for you. You can rely on the goodwill of friends for six months for free if you negotiate it and are up front about what you need. Look up roommate agreements and guides for being a good houseguest for specific details. THERE. SIX MONTHS RENT FREE.

- Your parents have stolen your identity. Before you move, you are going to get it back. Memorise your SSN/SIN/local ID number so no one can take it away from you. That and your address can get you copies of most things.
- - “But what if I’m running errands for you and I get hit by a drunk driver and then I’m dying in a ditch and no one knows who I am or how to contact you?!” is how I got my parents to hand over my ID.

- Look if you’re never going to see them again, stealing enough money for a bus ticket out of there is perfectly legit. But understand that this choice means NEVER seeing them again and probably filing a protection order with the police once you get to your new place.

- Pack everything you can’t bear to lose into a bag you can carry without looking suspicious.

- HAVE A SPECIFIC PLAN WITH SOMEONE WILLING TO PICK YOU UP. Do not just leave on a whim and expect your friends to cover for you.
- - Don’t get salty at your friends if they can’t get you out right away. They’re doing you a favour by putting you up rent free, appreciate it even if it’s not on the timeline you want.

- Selling books, toys, and video games can get you enough money for a plane ticket or even rent in a housemate situation. Parents will often praise you for getting rid of hobbies they never approved of in the first place. It can relieve some of the tension as they think you’re complying.

- You get one week to sleep and recover, then you start looking for jobs/applying for university/scholarships/working on your patreon

Just because moving out is really, really hard doesn’t mean you can’t do it. If you’ve survived to the age of adulthood in that environment, you have all the cunning and resilience required to escape. Everything you lose to get there will be worth what you gain when you’re done. I promise.

I need someone. I need to hold somebody close. And I need more than this holding. I need someone to understand how I feel at a time like now. And the understanding must be part of the holding.
Betty Smith, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
(via wordsnquotes)
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August 05 2017

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